Pappy Van Winkle

Available bottles:  

The 2017 Pappy Van Winkle and Rare Whiskies Lottery is here.


Sav-Mor Spirits’ Pappy & Rare Whiskies Lottery


Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr – $74.99

12yr Special Reserve – $79.99

15yr Family Reserve – $119.99

20yr – $199.99

23yr Family Reserve – $309.99


Four Roses Ltd Edition 2017 – $139.99

Four Roses 50th Anniversary – $164.99

George T Stagg 15yr – $104.99

Hakushu 12 yr – $109.99

Hakushu 18 yr – $269.99

Hibiki 17 yr – $174.99

Parker’s Heritage 11yr – $149.99

William Larue Weller – $104.99

Yamazaki 12 yr $114.99

Drawing to be held Monday, December 11th, 2017 5pm – Done

With the explosion in popularity of Pappy and other hard-to-find whiskies over the last few years, we at Sav-Mor Spirits have had a tough time deciding how to most fairly distribute our limited allocation.  Our goal is to get these bottles into the hands of our loyal customers who will appreciate them, and hopefully keep them from being bought and sold by opportunists.  In past years, we’ve accepted lottery entries via e-mail, regardless of the entrant’s location.  In order to increase the likelihood of these rarities going to our actual regular customers, this year we will only be accepting entries IN STORE.

The rules are as follows:

Everyone is eligible for 1 entry without any purchase.

Any customer may receive 1 entry with any purchase of a 750ml bottle or larger of any spirit or wine, upon request.

Bonus entries:

1 Bonus Entry for each bottle purchased of:

Basil Hayden 750ml
Brown Jug Bourbon Cream 750ml
Cleveland Underground Sav-Mor 750ml
El Retono Tequila 750ml
Empress Indigo Gin 750ml
Knob Creek 9yr 750ml
Platinum Vodka 750ml
Tomatin 12yr 750ml

2 Bonus entries for each bottle of La Ben vodka 1.75L (any flavor)

All entries must be completed and returned at time of purchase.

Illegible and/or incomplete entries will be disqualified.

Entries will no longer be accepted after store closing on Sunday, December 10.

Winners will be selected randomly from all the entries, but each entrant may only win once.

Winners will be awarded the right to purchase a single bottle from the lottery inventory which has not yet been reserved by an earlier-drawn winner.  This is not a chance to win a free bottle, all bottles must still be purchased.

Entrants MUST be available by phone at the number given on the entry during the lottery (Monday 12/11/17, approximately 5pm – 9pm.) If you can’t be available, give the phone number of someone who will be.  The phone number on the entry form will be binding, we will not dig through entries to find yours and change it for you after the fact.  If the winner is not reachable when their name is drawn, that entry will be forfeit.

Sav-Mor Spirits’ decisions in all matters regarding the lottery are final.


Please note, entry forms will only be presented UPON CUSTOMER REQUEST at the time of the qualifying purchase/s, in order to decrease the amount of entries from “casual” customers.  If you want the Pappy, you need to do the work.


Any questions may be addressed to our Facebook page.  Bribes will not increase your chances of winning, but will be happily accepted.  Not giving your name as Todd on the entry forms may or may not increase your chances of winning.


Good luck!